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Why is Health insurance important?

In our bustling lives, there is consistently a likelihood of suddenly becoming sick and requiring expensive medicines or treatment. Health insurance or medical insurance is an arrangement wherein an insurance agency consents to compensate the insured for the expensive treatment during the policy tenure. The medical treatment expenses might bring about if the insured becomes sick, or meets a mishap that prompts hospitalization of the insured. To be qualified to avail and get profit of inclusion benefits under the Health insurance policy, the policyholder is expected to pay a particular sum occasionally, known as premium.

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insurance benefits

Some of the salient benefits of the Health Insurance:

  • Protection from an unexpected medical treatment expenses.

  • To secure health of your Family and loved ones.

  • Get timely and good medical treatment.

  • Afford Quality Medical Treatment.

  • To deal with medical inflation.

  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses.

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The frequently asked

?What are the factors that I have to keep in mind before buying a Health Insurance policy?

Given below are the Key Factors that you have to keep in mind before buying a Health Insurance policy are:-

  • Claim Process

  • Family Members to be covered

  • Sum Insured

  • Add-on Benefits

  • Network Hospitals

  • Coverage Benefits

  • Lifetime Renewability Benefit

  • Free Medical Check-Up

  • Waiting Period

  • Premium

  • Type of Policy

  • Exclusions

? Why would I choose PolicyTour for Health Insurance?

You should choose the PolicyTour for buying your Health Insurance policy because –

  • Here you will get your Health Insurance within Minutes

  • Proving Delightful experience to Customers

  • Dedicated insurance expert’s team

? What are the Factors that affect Health Insurance Premium?

The Factors that affects the Health Insurance Premium are given below –

  • Age

  • Past Medical History

  • Lifestyle Habits

  • Policy Term

  • Add-On Covers

  • Co-Payment

  • Body Mass Index

? What are the Documents Required for Purchasing a Health Insurance Policy?

Given below is list of documents required at the time of purchasing a Health Insurance Policy:-

  • Valid identity proof.

  • Duly signed and completed original claim form.

  • Doctor’s prescription recommending hospitalisation.

  • Original pharmacy bills.

  • Original prescription for medicines, consultation, and diagnostic tests.

  • Indoor case papers.

  • Ambulance receipt.

  • First Information Report (FIR), if applicable.

  • Policy details with the insured person(s) name, policy number, illness, and address.

  • Any other document if required by the insurer.

Listed below are additional documents required in case of a cashless medical insurance policy claim:-

  • Pre-authorization form.

  • Valid identity proof along with a photograph.

  • Documents like voter ID card, driving license, PAN card, and Aadhar card.

? At what age should I get the Health Insurance for my kid?

The eligible age to Buy Health Insurance is :–

  • For adults- 18 to 65 years (exclusive plans are also available for people aged above 70 years)

  • For children- 90 days to 18 years

?How do I purchase an insurance policy from PolicyTour?

To buy a Life Insurance from PolicyTour you can reach out to our insurance expert’s team on +911203110587 from Mon to Sat @9 AM to 7 PM

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