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Why is Life Insurance important?

Life insurance is important; it is the best way to create wealth & secure family’s future at the time of death of the policyholder. It can be utilized and availed for your mortgage and personal loans, via “Term plans” that offer life insurance in wealth creation with financial security. Life insurance will make sure that you have extra income when you get retired or your earnings got reduced due to serious illness or accident.

  • Fast & Easy Process

    You don’t need to submit any of the hard copies to obtain insurance premium quotes.

  • 100% Reliable

    The term insurance plan calculator is reliable, simple and easy to use.

  • Control Over Policy

    You can modify the sum as per your convenience that you think your family would require.

  • Save your Money

    Get the affordable plan for you, your family and loved ones from the various term plans.

insurance benefits

Some of the salient benefits of the Life Insurance:

  • Financially Protect Your Family.

  • Helps you in Replace Lost Income

  • Helps you in Death Benefits

  • Can Supplement Your Retirement Savings

  • Help to Pay for Future Education Expenses

  • Can Cover Final Expenses

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The Frequently Asked

? At what age should I get the life insurance?

It is advised that an individual ought to buy a life insurance policy at a young age to ensure a long term financial security at nominal premium rate. As you grow older, the expense of a life insurance policy likewise increments.
This is life that older individuals require more coverage so the perfect opportunity to buy a life insurance policy is when you are young.

? What are the Documents Required for Purchasing a Life Insurance Policy?

Given below is list of documents required at the time of filling application or purchasing a Life Insurance Policy:-

  • Income Proof

  • Age Proof

  • Identity Proof

  • Other Documents

? How do I purchase an insurance policy from PolicyTour?

To buy a Life Insurance from PolicyTour you can reach out to our insurance expert’s team on +911203110587 Mon to Sat 9 AM to 7 PM.

?Things you should know about Life Insurance?

  • Life insurance policy does not put a monetary value on an individual

  • There are several types of life insurance plans to choose from

  • Life insurance premium depends on certain factors

  • You can customize your life insurance with riders

? Who is most probably going to buy Life Insurance?

  • Young Adults

  • Parents

  • Married People

  • Sole Breadwinner of the Family

  • Retirement Age Adults

  • Business Owners

? How to Select the Best Life Insurance Policy?

There are various plans presented by various life insurance organizations/ companies in India and on occasion it can be challenging or difficult to pick a decent plan from several options. Given below are some key points that you can consider while getting a life insurance policy:-

  • Identify the Type of Life Insurance Policy you need

  • Incurred Claim Settlement Ratio

  • Sum Assured Amount

  • Compare Several Plans

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